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The Ultimate Truck Box Chevy Truck Tool Box

Chevy Truck Tool Box

All truck boxes are solid, operate well, and look good when new, but not after a few years of use and exposure to the elements. That's when the lid won't close tightly or it won't lock anymore, moisture gets in and the finish goes dull. At Alumiknox™, we build the strongest truck tool boxes on the market. Our Chevy Truck Tool Box is structurally sound, mechanically strong, and weather resistant.

No other box has these features, but you won't pay more for an Alumiknox™ truck tool box than for any other quality truck box available.

Compare the Chevy Truck Tool Box to the competition.

Does it fit my truck? Visit the Chevy truck tool box fit guide.

The Ultimate Accessory for Your Truck

Whether for construction, repair and maintenance, or for out in the backcountry, the Alumiknox™ Chevy Truck Tool Box is the ultimate accessory for your truck. Think about it: a place to put tools, construction instruments, camping & sports gear, firearms, and fishing poles out of the way, concealed from instrusive eyes, safe in a snug, locked compartment!

Made from heavier gauge aluminum, with zinc-coated hardware and an anodized finish for maximum protection, the Alumiknox™ Chevy Truck Tool Box is as tough as the job you do.

Alumiknox™ Truck Tool Box: The Proof is in the Patents!

As contractors, outdoorsmen, and general abusers of trucks and truck boxes, we know what it takes to make a good truck tool box. West Desert has developed truck tool box features that are innovative enough to be protected by patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our patents include:

Padded Lid Tray
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Padded Lid Tray – The Padded Lid Tray locks separately from the main compartment, allowing access to the bottom of the truck tool box while keeping other valuables out of harm's way. Alumiknox™ is the only truck tool box with the Padded Lid Tray.

Positive Closure System
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Positive Closure System - The Positive Closure System allows you to stuff your truck tool box full, without having to deal with a lid that won't shut and stay closed. The Positive Closure System eliminates one-side only closings—both sides of the box will always close. Only Alumiknox™ truck tool boxes have the Positive Closure System.

Chevy Truck Tool Box Features

  • Made from heavy gauge aluminum and steel
  • Anodized diamond plate exterior surface is superior to any other truck box finish
  • Full welds for extra strength and durability
  • One of the stiffest lids available in the market
  • Zinc coated hardware for exceptional durability and good looks
  • 3-year structural warranty
  • Click here for more Alumiknox™ truck tool box features

Versatility - Full-size Regular & Long Bed Trucks

Unlike many other truck boxes, the Alumiknox™ truck box fits all full-size regular & long bed trucks. This allows you to easily transfer your Chevy Truck Tool Box to another truck of the same size.

Alumiknox™ Warranty

The last thing you should worry about is your truck tool box breaking down. All Alumiknox™ truck boxes come with a full 3-year structural warranty.

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