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Front View of the Alumiknox™ Truck Box

Full-size Pickup Truck Tool Box

Full-size Pickup Truck Tool Box Features

The Full-size Pickup Truck Tool Box is the best truck box on the market. Some of its premium features include:

  • Single-lid boxes with integrated locking trays
  • Heavy-gauge, aluminum diamond plate construction
  • Highest quality hardware with grade 8 nuts and bolts
  • Aircraft-grade wire rope
  • Heavy-duty, commercial grade, zinc plated interior hardware
  • Handles and lock sets are custom modified for Alumiknox™ truck boxes
  • Full welds for extra strength and durability
  • Weather seals are automotive grade bulb seals with metal backers
  • Two-Year Structural Warranty

We use only the best materials and design so you get the pickup truck tool box you deserve.

Alumiknox™ Pickup Truck Tool Box Patents

Padded Lid Tray – The Alumiknox™ is divided into two compartments, the Padded Lid Tray and the regular compartment below. The Padded Lid Tray locks separately so your crew or kids can access the bottom of the box while keeping secure your valuable equipment, tools, and sporting goods. Alumiknox™ pickup truck tool box are the only truck tool boxes with the patented Padded Lid Tray.

The Positive Closure System – The Positive Closure System lets you stuff your truck box without worrying about getting the box to stay closed. When you have a lot to pack, you can fill the bottom of the box with hard equipment, tools, or toys and place any compressible items like sleeping bags, coveralls, and coats on top and then simply turn the handle. The Positive Closure System will then compress the soft items and securely close your pickup truck tool box. The Positive Closure System makes your pickup truck tool box both easier to use and more secure.

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