Truck Gun Boxes

One of the most important features of any truck is to securely and easily store valuable possesions like firearms. If you leave your firearms in the back of the truck, they are unsecured and easily stolen. If, on the other hand, you lock them in your truck, they move constantly and fill up all of the seat space in your truck.

Gun storage is one of the main reasons to purchase truck gun boxes. These boxes fit in the back of your truck, are easily lockable, and protect your firearms from theft or the weather. Truck gun boxes solutions come in many different varities and sizes, but no company makes truck gun boxes as good as AlumiKnox™.

AlumiKnox™ Truck Gun Boxes Benefits

When you are looking at getting a solution for your truck gun boxes, you need look no further than AlumiKnox™. Our specially designed truck gun box boxes are specially designed to meet the needs of any gun enthusiast. One of the most frustrating thing about other truck gun boxes is that since they are multi-purpose, your firearms can get damaged by the other items in the storage box. This means that, for the most part, you have to put your firearms in a hardened case to carry them around in a truck gun boxes.

With AlumiKnox™ truck gun boxes solutions, you never need to worry about your firearms getting damaged. Our expertly designed storage boxes have a padded lid which allows any customer to store they firearms, or other valuable items, in a safe and secure manner. You don't need to carry around a hardened case because the truck gun boxes will act like a padded case, and with one of the stiffest lids available, you never need worry about the your firearms getting damaged by something falling on the box.

AlumiKnox™ Truck Gun Boxes Features

  • Made from heavy gauge aluminum and steel
  • Anodized diamond plate truck box exterior surface is superior to any other truck box finish
  • Full welds for extra strength and durability
  • One of the stiffest lids available in the market
  • Zinc coated hardware for exceptional durability and good looks
  • 3-year structural warranty
Padded Lid Tray
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Padded Lid Tray – The Padded Lid Tray locks separately from the main compartment, allowing access to the bottom of the pickup toolbox while keeping firearms out of harm's way. Alumiknox™ are the only truck gun boxes with the Padded Lid Tray.

Positive Closure System
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Positive Closure System - The Positive Closure System allows you to stuff your truck tool box full, without having to deal with a lid that won't shut and stay closed. The Positive Closure System eliminates one-side only closings—both sides of the toolbox will always close. Only Alumiknox™ truck gun boxes have the Positive Closure System.

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